Brazilian Cheese Rolls made easy

Easy Cheese Balls

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Brazilian Cheese Rolls

Brazilian Cheese rolls made easy.

I have posted cheese bread or cheese roll recipe before. But I improved my own recipe making it easy to prepare. I noticed that when the cheese roll dough was prepared in a food processor, it was simple and faster than kneading the dough by hand.

Cheese rolls or cheese bread as it is called in Brazil, are traditionally made by kneading the dough by hand and I mean kneading it a lot! This process makes the rolls grow bigger and becoming super soft. I saw a few recipes on other websites, where they used a blender as an alternative. I didn’t test using a blender. I think my recipe will work better in a food processor, because it is like a dough and not loose like a batter (like the ones I saw using a blender).

I also added a little cheddar cheese, which…

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