yellow potato soup with purple cabbage, chorizo + poached egg

I will have to try this one

Back to Spain


I often choose blog recipes by deciding what I want to eat on that particular day. I don’t have the budget to make fanciful meals just cause, plus my dad always said, Waste not, want not.

In terms of healthfulness, I usually aim somewhere between Goop and Hungry Betches. I try to keep it balanced, colorful, seasonal, but I also like to make it a little dirty, throwing pig fat into an otherwise vegetarian dish and over-buttering my whole-grain flatbread. But still, I’m not going to pretend that I eat triple decker grilled cheeses on the regs because that would just make me feel yickins.

Today’s soup, inspired in part by the Food 52 potato recipe contest, is what I’m eating for lunch. It virtuously includes purple cabbage (color! veg!), potatoes (a little starch never hurt anyone), fresh parsley, and a paprika-spiced broth, but then gets a little dirty…

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