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Some things do not make much sense. Take Tiramisú, for instance. It is definitely one of our favorite desserts, up there with Crème Brûllée and Oeufs a la Neige. However, after almost 8 years of food blogging, I do not have a single recipe for it in the Bewitching Kitchen. How could that be? I’ve made it in the past, but during this stretch of 8 years we’ve only enjoyed it in restaurants. To be completely honest, one example totally ruined us for other versions. A small Italian restaurant in Paris, called La Trappola, very near our apartment on the 7eme had simply the best, the very best, the most awesome, delicious, luscious, fantastic, superbly addictive Tiramisú in the known universe. Before we left Paris, I tried to convince the owner to share his secrets, but no matter how much batting of eyelashes and smiling I did, he was unmoved…

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Newborn Booties Converse High Top Style

Start making the Sole:

Round 1: Ch 9, work 2 sc into the 2nd chain from the hook. Sc in next 4 stitches. Hdc in next stitch, 2 hdc in next. 6 hdc in last ch. Now working along the other side of the chain. 2 hdc in next stitch, hdc in next. Sc in next 4 stitches. 2 sc into the last ch. (24 stitches)

Round 2: 2 sc into the first stitch, 2 sc into next stitch, sc in next 6. 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next, 2 sc in each of the next 4 stitches. Sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next. sc in next 6. 2 sc into each of the last 2 stitches.. (34 sts)

Round 3: sc in next 2 stitches, 2 sc into the next stitch. sc in next 11 stitches. Put 2 sc into each of the next 2 stitches. sc in the next 2 stitches. Put 2 sc into each of the next 2 stitches. sc in the next 11 stitches. 2 sc into the next stitch. Sc in next 2 stitches. (40)

Round 4: Join to first sc with a sl st, working in back loop only. Ch 1, sc in each stitch around. Join to first sc with with a sl st (40)

Round 5: Ch 1, sc in same stitch as ch 1 and around. Join with a slip stitch. (40)

This is what you should have so far. See how the loop is in the middle? Make sure that is where your loop is.

We want to join yellow here. There are two ways you can do this.

  1. Finish off and re join the yellow yarn in the middle stitch
  2. When you go to join the round with a sl st, instead of pulling through the yelow, pull through the yellow and continue with the next round. Pick up black again when you get to round 7.


Round 6: with second colour (yellow), ch 1, sc around. Join to first sc with a sl st and finish off.
Re join white using one of the above methods.

Round 7: Ch 1, sc around. Join to first sc with a sl st. Finish off. (40 + sl st loop = 41)

Mark the first stitch with a stitch marker. This is the stitch after the sl st join.

 Count from (including) the stitch marker 14 stitches towards the front on either side and mark with a stitch marker.


You should have 16 stitches for the front of the shoe. Start and finish where you placed your markers.Join black in place marked by first stitch marker

Working in back loops only to make the ridge in the front.

Row 1: Ch 1, sc in same st as ch 1, hdc in next stitch, hdc2tog 6 times, hdc in next, sc in next.

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, hdc in next st, hdc2tog 3 times, hdc in next 2 st. (7 hdc)

Finish off with yellow


Join yellow in the stitch shown

Row 1-8: Ch 1, sc in same stitch as ch 1 and in next 6. turn (7 sc)

Sides: with yellow

It is the same stitch that the toe is in.

Row 1: Ch 1, sc in same stitch as ch 1 and in next 26. (27 sc) (end in same stitch toe is in)

Now working in both loops

Row 2-3: Ch 1, turn. Sc in same stitch as ch 1 and in next 26. (27 sc)

Row 4: Ch 1, turn, sc2tog twice, sc in next 19, sc2tog twice. (23 sc)

Row 5: Ch 1, turn, sc2tog, sc in next 7, sc2tog, sc in nxt st, sc2tog, sc in nxt 7, sc2tog. (19 sc)

Row 6: Ch 1, turn. Sc across. (19 sc)

Row 7: Ch 1, turn. Sc2tog, sc in next 5, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc in next 5, sc2tog. (15 sc)

Row 8: Ch 1, sc across. Finish off

Laces: make 2

Ch 80, finish off.

I hope these instructions make sense.  I may add some more photos on the next set.

Lace booties

21 Books Everyone Should Read

Anoop Menon ceo of Confianz Global

The first thing I do coming out of bed every morning at 5 AM is reading one chapter of a book I am working on, then only I move to emails or checking messages on my cell phone.

Read about Tim Ferriss idea about why you shouldn’t start your day by reading emails!

I had mentioned before, 2017 I am dedicating my life to reading books. Reading and traveling make you learn more than anything else. Reading is, of course, the cheaper option. 2016 was a bit rough for me; I made more bad decisions in 2016 than ever, so the more I learn, the better it helps me with motivation, do things right the first time and staying positive.

My current reading rate is a book per week, but I try to spice it up. Who told men cannot multi-task? 🙂 I am reading four books every day; my…

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Hazelnut-Butterfly Sweet Yeast Bread

A little Swiss, a little Canadian

There are some dishes from Switzerland, sweet or savory, that I am sometimes suddenly thinking off…maybe even missing a little. And that can be at times like right before I go to bed for some weird reason;)

Most of my baking is out off Swiss or German cookbooks, some old true and tested recipes that everyone loves. The other day my husband was asking for a Hazelnut Sweetbread. A traditional sweet yeast dough filled with ground hazelnuts. We call this a Russenzopf (Russianbraid, I do not know how or why it got that name). The great thing about it is you can take the same recipe and make hazelnut rolls or crescents called Nussgipfeli, which I LOVE and need to eat when we are in Switzerland, or like I did for this recipe, a butterfly.


However you shape it, it is delicious!

Now trying to cut down on white refined…

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