Kale Tabbouleh

Eats by Aly

Kale was the bane of my existence from 2012-2015. Every single place I went was obsessed with the hot new trend, and now that I am off my high-horse, I can see that obsession was justified. Kale is bitter, has a weird texture, and overall, is pretty terrible on its own. Luckily, it makes a great salad green because it retains its structure when combined with dressing, unlike its wimpy, wilty, friends. Combine it with a great dressing, grains, and cherubs and you’ve got a winner.

This tabbouleh is everything good about life these days. I often find myself coming home from work and sitting at the island eating it right out of the bowl. It is filling, nutritious, and allows you to tip-toe into international food waters without totally committing. It tastes best after some time in the fridge, and is a great treat for the warmer weather. Time to…

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