My 100th Blog Post


This is my 100th post and as most of you know I have only been in this blogging world for about five months, not counting my previous blogging struggles.

I’m still struggling with a number of things.  As I had noted in About the Author it is actually my third attempt.  I’m doing must better this time around.  After-all this is my 100th post. However, the main goal of the blog, sorting through grandma’s recipes and posting them, hasn’t happened.

It isn’t that I’m not cooking or baking.  It is more finding the time to post what I had made.

I’m asking myself

Where do others take the time?

I’m so afraid that I’m overlooking a spelling or grammar mistake it takes me days to complete a blog post.  The other problem is I forget to take photos and if I take photos they never turn out well.

Are there any special photo apps?  Or any other tips, I would greatly appreciate it.



9 thoughts on “My 100th Blog Post

  1. Happy 100th post! I’m not sure about the images but maybe you can try out some editing apps that help enhance the photos? And as for your grammar WordPress actually has a spell check option when you draft the post so maybe that can help save some time! 🙂

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  2. Oh gosh, congrats!! When people create, it’s easy to get bogged down by perfectionism. Just remember that the pure joy and enthusiasm can be just as attractive – or even more so, than a perfect post. And remember, you’re a contributor, not just a consumer! 🙂

    You can always use a word processor and copy and paste. If you aren’t into paying for photo editing, there are a couple options – my problem with most of them is time and the huge learning curve.

    I usually just end up using picmonkey. A blogger told me that she always puts something white in the corner of a photo and that way it makes it easy to try to balance the color, which you can easily do in picmonkey. Then you just crop it out. In most of my earlier photos I didn’t know how to do that and that one thing has made such a difference in my pics…

    My photography has a lot to be desired, but I can see a mostly forward process, lol!!

    Have a great day and happy 100th!!



  3. I almost forgot – if you don’t have a lighting set up, it’s best to take pics in the daylight with good light. Food can look really bad if done under the lights we have in the house. 🙂 If you don’t have a good filter for your camera, get a little sheer white fabric and put it over your window to filter the light that’s too strong. 🙂 Don’t mean to run on and on…I’m no expert but those things helped me a bit!

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