How to Create Great Images for your Blog

I noted some of my blogging struggles in my 100th post. PoojaG and Mollie gave me some great advice.  I love Mollie’s blog.  Her blog Frugal Hausfrau caught my attention due to its name.  I could hear my grandma’s words “Du must eine gute Hausfrau werden”  PoojaG’s blog is super fun especially for people interested in languages.

One of my struggles is how to create great images for my blog.  PoojaG suggested to look into some editing apps, Mollie said the same but did address the learning curve.

So I set out to in search for an photo editing app that would work for me.  I came across this post, which I found very helpful.  The post suggested to use the canva app. I did try Canva, yes Mollie as correct about the learning curve.  Plus for some reason Canva works well for me with Facebook and Instagram but not with my blog 😦

This is another helpful post I found suggesting the canva app as well but does provide many more options.

This site goes beyond of just creating great images.  There is a lot of good helpful information.

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