Happy Mother’s Day! (Chocolate Pie Recipe)

The Little Flour Bed

Hello guys and happy mother’s day moms! Hope everyone has been having an awesome day. Usually I bake something for my mom every Mother’s Day, but this year I was having some trouble figuring out what this year’s desert would be. I mean, i couldve chosen from millions of things! I decided to use my noggin and think about my mom- she loves chocolate! So what better way to express this flavor then a brownie, but wait, its a pie! In the end i made a chocolate pie with homemade caramel sauce (il be giving that recipe in a few days or so) and topped it off with a side of ice cream. My mom said she couldnt stop eating it! Enioy the recipe!


Chocolate Pie Recipe


1/2 cup (120g) butter

3 oz. of unsweetend chocolate, cut up

1 prepared Pie Crust (9 inches or 23cm) (il have the…

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