Zesty Asparagus, Prawn and Mint Risotto

Wish to Dish

Yes, asparagus and I are having a moment currently…


Today the aforementioned asparagus is getting married together with prawns (a match made in heaven may I add) to give us this oh so creamy risotto.

I am very often asked what my favourite dishes to cook and to eat are and risotto is always towards to top of both lists. Every time I make it I am in awe of the capacity of the humble grain of arborio rice. When cooked in stock it gradually and generously releases starch into the risotto which is how it becomes so glossy, thick and creamy even before it has been coated in butter and parmesan. I find this cooking process so therapeutic – you have to constantly stir and watch over the pan to facilitate peak starch production (PSP). In a world of fast food and fast living this is a brilliant excuse…

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