How to Write a Great Blog?

In my 100th blog post I noted my struggles with time, images etc.  I did go on, writing a post on how to create great images for your blog.

But, does it end here? It just added additional confusion.

I did realize that I had already used up 10% of my total account space.  Now considering I have really only been around since January and have a total of 105 posts, doing the math I will run out of space after 1000 posts.  Just confusion since other people have been blogging for year.

What about simply writing a great blog?!

While searching the topic I came across the following post.   There is a lot of great information but one thing stuck with me and got my attention right away.


Since I’m struggling with a time issue maybe templates are the answer.

Is anybody using templates?

I did try some templates but it ended up taking more time.

What I figured out so far is, consistency, clear message, good visuals and interacting with other bloggers is important to have a good blog.  I still have miles to go.



2 thoughts on “How to Write a Great Blog?

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