Italian Meatball Stew in a Mug


With this Italian Meatball Stew in a Mug I will bring my July Theme “cooking in a mug” to a close.  My cooking theme for August will be the recipes of famous artists, starting tomorrow.

I enjoyed cooking in a mug and I may revisit the theme in September.

Until then here is the recipe for this Italian Meatball Stew in a Mug, which you can also find on page 146 of the 250 Best Meals in a Mug.  For more information on the book and recipes check out Val’s Kitchen Blog.


Egg Fried Rice in a Mug


The Bit + Co blog writes about this recipe stating “This eggy Chinese dish is simply irresistible. No frying has to be done, making it a great option when you’re just not feeling like calling up your regular takeout joint. For the rice, be sure to cover the top with cling wrap. Throw in vegetables for texture… and don’t forget the soy sauce as seasoning!”

It is another one of Lisa’s recipes, no worries it will be a healthy lunch.

Mac and Cheese




This is quick and easy, but because we’re dealing with a recipe for one, and a microwave, it is fairly precise, so listen up carefully — you’ll need just a few simple things to get started —

  • a large mug
  • a liquid measuring cup
  • a 1/3 cup dry measuring cup
  • elbow noodles
  • some pre-shredded cheese
  • a little milk
  • and water

The recipe is from Sue’s Blog.   Check our her post of these party favorites.

Confiture De Lait

French Touch

Hello everybody!

Today I am sharing with you another classic of French cuisine: confiture de lait. Confiture de lait can be literally translated into milk jam but it is like dulce de leche. While it is a specialty of Normandy in the North-West of France, you can find dulce de leche in different parts of the world under different names. For those who are not familiar with dulce de leche or confiture de lait, it is a thick caramel sauce made from milk, sugar and vanilla that have been evaporated. It is perfect for sweet tooth like me and is a great addition to cake and cookies or as a topping for your crepes!

french dulce de leche recipe















Let’s start cooking!


  • 1 liter whole milk
  • 2 cups + 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean


1- Pour the milk…

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A Healthier Cake-in-a-Mug

So this isn’t a healthy snack. Don’t read the title above incorrectly. It’s a healthier version of the traditional cake-in-a-mug recipe (you know, the one that includes oil and sugar). But this isn’t exactly like having a sliced apple for a snack. 😉 Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I want to […]

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This fits well into my monthly collection