About the Author

Hi, I’m Ella. Thank you for visiting my blog.

I was born in Germany, and one of my first memory is standing next to the stove, looking up at my grandmother, standing next to me. Waiting for her to carefully pull the wooden spoon out of the pot she was stirring, kneeling to me with her hand cupped under the spoon. Her words, careful it hot, letting me taste whatever sweet, sticky stuff stuck to the wooden spoon. Sometimes it was marmalade, other times pudding or, other sweet creations she was making. I must have spent hours there, next to her. My grandmother, her dark traditional clothing, her hair always covered with a plain black scarf for everyday wear, one more ornate for special occasions. I only saw her hair once, it was white and it reached down to her knees.

One of my New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to sort out my recipe box.  A box full with pieces of papers I had collected over the years.  Some computer printouts, some in my handwriting other in the handwriting of friends and family members.  However most important some of them were from my grandmother, some even from friends of her. Many of the papers are now yellow and the ink is starting to faint. I figured before they all disappear I will bring them into the digital age.  Creating a blog as I go through my recipe box, one recipe at the time appeared to be the optimal solution.

This is my third attempt in this endeavor.  My first post was March 9th, 2015 and all I managed was a photo.  The second was March 9th, 2016 a recipe. Then with my New Year’s resolution and the help of two fellow bloggers, Bernadine  and Esme my blog took off.  Thank you Bernadine and Esme for all the help and advice.

As stated above the purpose of this blog was mainly to bring my grandmother’s recipes into the digital age.  Then I realize this blog will be a good way to keep track of all my favorite recipes, hence all the pages with the list of links. Then I thought I could add my other projects such as crafts and gardening to my blog.  A great way to keep record, remain inspired and motivated.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy my blog and maybe it will inspire you for some new creations.